The State Appropriate Authorities designated for enforcement of the PC & PNDT Act often don’t have sufficient technical capabilities to effectively enforce the PC & PNDT Act. For example, there is very little capability in the office of Appropriate Authority to prepare case papers and file them in a court. They also have limited capacity for field visits/inspections of the clinics/area and the methods to be used during such visits. Building the capability of these Appropriate Authorities through necessary support therefore is a must.

Objective of establishing the cell
  • To enable the State Appropriate Authority in policy monitoring role and to establish necessary linkages to better address the issue of sex selection.
  • To strengthen the capability of Appropriate Authority in supervision & monitoring of PC & PNDT Act and to train them in preparing case papers and to file them in court.
  • To prepare a standard check-list of violations this should be used by the Appropriate Authorities during their field visits.
  • To prepare do’s and don’ts to be observed during field visits, search, seizure, etc. for facilitating required systemic improvements.
  • Developing mechanisms and steps to monitor the activities of probable erring centres / doctors and advice on action required to be taken.
  • To examine the linkages between PCPNDT & other related Acts and point out the situations when the provision of Indian penal code (IPC) can be used.
  • To prepare a template this can be used to prepare case papers before filing them in the court.
  • To pre-test the material developed for Appropriate Authorities, public prosecutors medical professionals, etc. and finalize the booklet (manual) that compiles all the relevant material.
  • To impart training / inputs to Appropriate Authorities, medical officers, and other constituencies using the manual and other appropriate means.
  • To provide expert assistance to Appropriate Authorities in effective implementation of the Act.
  • Recognizing the linkage between sex selection and programmes implemented by other Ministries/departments, assist the Ministry in implementing various collaborative activities.
  • To suggest steps for more programme interventions in health and related sectors to prevent sex selection, reduce demand for sex selection, and to suggest necessary steps for better implementation of the Act.
  • Any other related work that may be assigned by DFW, Orissa.

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