Online Registration for New and Renewal of
USG Centre in Odisha

Questionnaire for Online Systems

1. Was the user able to get all information related to the application submission/approval, checklist of documents to be submitted and fees to he paid on the online portal?:
2. Was the user aware of the timelines for the approval under the ORTPSA?
3. Was the user provided the approval within the timeline prescribed under ORTPSA?
4. Was the user able to submit the application and make payment online?
5. Was the user able to track the status of application through the portal?
6. Was the user able to download the final certificate through the online portal?
7. Was the online downloaded certificate accepted by all concerned authorities?
8. Was the user able to complete the whole process from application submission, approval to downloading final approved certificate without visiting any office physically?
9. Any further suggestions/ improvements on the system