Online Registration for New and Renewal of
USG Centre in Odisha

New Renewal
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New Renewal
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New Renewal
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  1. Owners’ / Applicants’ ID Proof (MoI/c in case of CHC FRUs / ADMO Med in case of DHH/SDMO In case of SDH)
  2. Photocopy of the Clinical Establishment Act
  3. Copy of MTP Registration (if regd. Under MTP Act)
  4. Sketch map of Unit & Ultrasound Room
  5. Affidavit of performing doctor including consulting hours and date in other clinics, place of work, and that there is no case pending against the doctor
  6. Consent of the Performing Doctor
  7. Affidavit by the owner that he / she will not engage in sex determination or sex selection
  8. Photocopy of quotations/ invoice/ purchase bill / make and model for machine
  9. Photocopy of Performing doctor’s Educational Certificate Training Certificate & Medical Council Registration Certificate.
  10. Certificate in support of staff engaged in Genetic Counselling Centre / Genetic Laboratory and IVF Centres .
  11. ID proof of Doctor / doctors
  12. Previous Form B (Registration Certificate) in case of renewal
  13. Previous Form C (In case application has been rejected earlier)
  14. Proof of submission of registration/renewal fees (counterfoil/ payment proof)